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Here are some great end of summer party ideas…

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Labor Day is this weekend and what better tradition is there than firing up the grill. The summer is coming to an end and why not get in one last barbecue bash ?


Another great idea for a end of summer party is to host a carnival.


You can be sure that whatever party you will be hosting that we have what you need at Go online to get a free quote today.



“Do you have a Carnival supplies too?”

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We received a phone call this week asking, “Do you have a Carnival supplies too?” Why, we wouldn’t be “All” Affairs if we didn’t!

We sent them directly to our Carnival page where they spent minutes choosing what they were interested in and let’s just say – “We’re happy they chose heaters too!”

Stay warm and have fun, North East!


How to Choose a Videographer

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VIDEO: Video is probably one of the most misunderstood and undervalued aspects of wedding planning. It is the unique combination of a service (the videotaping) and a finished product (the edited DVD or tape) that has many people discounting the importance of a wedding video. The importance and value of a wedding day video should not be overlooked.

VALUE: A quality video is a worthwhile long-term investment. After all the planning, effort, and expense of a wedding, wouldn’t you want a documentation of the day? Too many times brides think of video as an afterthought, when the budget is spent, and are disappointed with a fuzzy and shaky video. There is no other wedding product that shows the sights of you in your dress, the dancing, and behind the scenes as well as a video, since unlike photography it includes sound.

TYPES: Nowadays the old stereotypes of bright lights, large cameras, large tripods, cheesy animations, and hokey music should be forgotten. Times have changed. Today’s top videographers have access to the same tools and technology as many feature filmmakers. A contemporary trend is toward shorter videos of 30-40 minutes rather than the typical two-hour tapes. Other options include additional copies or interactive versions on DVD, love stories about your relationship, and video presentations screened at the reception.

TALENT: The genre of a wedding video requires that the videographer become excellent at many tasks. Much more than owning a superior camera they must learn composition, exposure, and focus. They must carefully monitor audio tracks from multiple microphones and be a good storyteller during editing, making a concise and entertaining to watch video. When you compare videographers look at more than just the initial price. The sound should be clearly recorded and the video could be crisp, sharp, and colorful. There should be no excuses for sloppy camerawork or editing.

CHOOSING: There are so many factors to consider when choosing a videographer. Unfortunately, many couples do not know the plethora of choices in style AND price we enjoy in this market. Searching for a great videographer involves watching sample clips at their studio or some enable you to view videos online, which can make your decision easier. Make sure your videographer belongs to a professional association like the Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA) to continually improve their craft.

PRICES: Since all videographers have access to digital cameras of a 3-chip design, which yields more vibrant colors and better resolution, the price has more to do with talent than with technology alone. Fees can range from $2,000 for a basic video to $6,000 or more for wonderful video documentary. Sought-after videographers book a year or more in advance.

In the end you and future generations will have fun watching and reminiscing with your wedding movies that today’s wedding videographers create.


Hosting a party? Here are some tips.

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There is no better way to celebrate the joyous occasions of life than with a party.  Planning and hosting a party might seem a daunting and overwhelming task but with a positive attitude and an array of party planning tips, you can make your party successful without being stressful.

Five W’s

The five W’s of who, what, when, where, and why are not only to be regarded as the basics in journalism but also form the foundation of hosting a successful party.  This goes a long way in planning for your party.  Sit down with a pen and paper and ask yourself the following questions and jot down the answers,

Why are you going to celebrate it?

Who will be your guests?

What will be the party like?

When is the party?

Where is the party?


As you come with step-by-step details that you need for the party, prepare a mental tally of the costs and go for a set budget; vow that you would not go beyond it.

Early bird catches the worm

After you reach a decision as to the why, who, what, when and where of the party, do not postpone things up until three days before the party.  Start the work at least two to three weeks in advance.  Decide who is going to cook, you or a caterer?  If you want caterers, book them well in advance.  Sit down with them and decide upon a good menu.  You might need chairs, tables, tents, coat racks, linens, etc; contact a party rental company like the Brooklyn, NY area All Affairs Chair and Rental long before the date of the party.

Relax while you get ready

Since professionals start working for you days ahead of the party, you can relax and concentrate on the finer aspects of hosting a party that need your personal touch.


How to choose the perfect tent rentals in NYC

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Tent Rentals in NYC are imperative for any kind of event and Tent Rental companies located in New York City can be found through searches in the internet. With plenty of companies offering tent and Party Rental services to the customers, it has become very difficult to choose the right rental company. To choose the best tent rental, the following tips can be extremely useful like,

●      Arriving at a decision on the guest list and the invitees list to calculate the number of guests who need to be accommodated inside the Tent. After calculating the number of guests, you can choose the tents that are of ideal size.

●      Seek the help of family and friends who have already hired tent rentals for setting up Wedding Tents and Party Tents and get recommendations and references from them.

●      Party Rental companies can absolutely help you to execute your plans effectively since they provide tents and all the necessary items needed for the events.

●      The feedback and testimonials from third party customer feedback sites about the tent rental will help you to make a good choice and choose the best Tent Rentals in NYC.

All Affairs chair and tent rental company features among the best tent rental firm in the business in New York. The company offers rental for weddings and other parties and rents Chairs, Tables, Screens, Tents, and Barbeque among others. The company’s website has Party Rental and Tent Rentals in NYC brochures and pictures for the customers’ convenience.

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Tent Rentals in NYC for Special Occasions

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Tent Rentals in NYC are a significant and constituent part in any kind of event, irrespective of its magnitude. Big or small tents are extremely essential for special functions and occasions like a corporate event, family gathering, weddings or general event depending on the number of guests invited, in New York City or any part of the world.

The company that provides Tent Rental in New York offers tents that are found in different sizes, prices and shapes. Tents used for events can be pop up tents, frame tents and party canopy tents, according to the nature of the event and the number of people who need to be accommodated inside the venue.

The outdoor events especially are made memorable using Tent Rentals in NYC. A comprehensive party rental service provider will provide all the necessary aspect needed for events including tent, chairs, centre pieces and all other minute nuances. Party Rental companies in NY offer Wedding Tents and Party Tents as well as tents for other events.

Tents can be categorized as high peaked frame tent that are exclusively meant for weddings, traditional frame tent rentals, traditional pole tents and high peaked tension tents and you can choose the perfect tent, as per your budget allocation and taste.

All Affairs, a prominent chair and tent rental company that provides high quality party rentals has been in the business for over three decades and offers an exhaustive list of rental items namely chairs, tables, linens, catering supplies, glass ware, china, tent, patio heater and canopies with others.


All Affairs – Family Owned Since 1979

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CBS wrote in a recent article…

Historically, family businesses have been the backbone of the American economy.

Family enterprises that demonstrate their commitments to venture partners or to the communities where they do business win confidence and trust. They make commitments more quickly, and their commitments tend to be long-lasting. They require less hassle. Often, people recognize these advantages of dealing with family companies and therefore prefer to do business with them.

In family firms, decision makers are easily identifiable and often directly involved in the implementation of their decisions. Owners’ actions are tempered by the recognition that their reputations–and those of their heirs–are on the line. What you see is what you get–for a long time to come.

Because reliable, trusting relationships seem rare in today’s business world, they are not taken for granted. Smart business people know that trust reduces the costs of doing business.

Rapid rates of change and today’s intense competitive pressures for speed, efficiency, and flexibility are driving all kinds of businesses to a variety of close working relationships that require foundations of trust, reliability, and long-term orientations. Because family firms so often foster such values, they are seen as desirable participants in such partnerships.

Here at All Affairs Chair and Tent Rental, we’re happy to say that we’ve been building trust, relationships, and partners since 1979 – and for that we’re thankful. Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy holiday!