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Hosting a party? Here are some tips.

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There is no better way to celebrate the joyous occasions of life than with a party.  Planning and hosting a party might seem a daunting and overwhelming task but with a positive attitude and an array of party planning tips, you can make your party successful without being stressful.

Five W’s

The five W’s of who, what, when, where, and why are not only to be regarded as the basics in journalism but also form the foundation of hosting a successful party.  This goes a long way in planning for your party.  Sit down with a pen and paper and ask yourself the following questions and jot down the answers,

Why are you going to celebrate it?

Who will be your guests?

What will be the party like?

When is the party?

Where is the party?


As you come with step-by-step details that you need for the party, prepare a mental tally of the costs and go for a set budget; vow that you would not go beyond it.

Early bird catches the worm

After you reach a decision as to the why, who, what, when and where of the party, do not postpone things up until three days before the party.  Start the work at least two to three weeks in advance.  Decide who is going to cook, you or a caterer?  If you want caterers, book them well in advance.  Sit down with them and decide upon a good menu.  You might need chairs, tables, tents, coat racks, linens, etc; contact a party rental company like the Brooklyn, NY area All Affairs Chair and Rental long before the date of the party.

Relax while you get ready

Since professionals start working for you days ahead of the party, you can relax and concentrate on the finer aspects of hosting a party that need your personal touch.



Patio heaters are a must-have in the winter season

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A Vintage Bridal Shower Tea

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Showering a bride-to-be with gifts and good wishes is a lovely tradition, and a fête that is uniquely hers makes the day memorable. While it’s easy—and appreciated—to purchase a gift from the registry, an unexpected set of exquisite, mismatched vintage teacups makes a great surprise for the guest of honor.

Here’s how it works:

●        In the invitation, ask each guest to bring one pretty vintage teacup to the shower. (The hostess may want to have a few additional teacups at the ready in case a guest forgets.)

●        Also encourage guests to wear any long, old-fashioned gloves they may have; it is a vintage tea party! Older family members will be delighted to dust a pair off, and younger attendees will enjoy playing dress-up. (The organizers may want to provide some at the shower for ladies to borrow and wear.)

●        Be sure to ask one guest, perhaps the hostess or the organizers, to gift the bride-to-be with a tea pot.

●        At the shower, set aside a small table or area for guests to drop off the teacup they brought, and then encourage everyone to use them! At the end of the party the bride has a pretty mismatched tea set to take home as a sweet memento of the day.

●        This sort of shower makes figuring out the favors easy! A tin of tea, a strainer and some honey (or any combination thereof) is great with the theme.

Note: Vintage tea cups and old-fashioned long gloves can be found at thrift stores, estate sales, church/synagogue or can come from one’s own collection—trés eco-friendly! It’s especially meaningful if family members have an heirloom teacup they’re willing to give.


Wedding bridal and shower items

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