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Holiday party tips.

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  • Tell  your friends that you want there about the party a few weeks in advance
  • Book the place were you want the party to be
  • Get all the food and drinks for the party
  • last but not least party decorations like balloons, plates, cups or maybe even a disco ball or a popcorn machine which you can get from


Fall Party Tips

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Are you planning a special event in October or November ? Here are some tips to keep in in the fall spirit.

In case you are making the party outdoors you want to consider putting something on the ground like a grass matt so people do not end up stepping in mud. Also on those chilly nights we recommend that you buy or rent a heater.

Whether you have the party indoors or outdoors you can use tablecloths and Linens  that have the colors of fall.

We have everything you would need to make it a festive one including your China, Flatware and everything else from A-Z

You can visit us online today at and get a free quote 24/7


What you Need For A Beach Party

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Whether one is looking to set up a get together for a birthday, graduation, wedding / reception, etc. the beach is often a top choice. And why shouldn’t it be, it’s fun, relaxing, and a beautiful place for a party of any kind. Once the location has been determined, the next step would be guest list.

Before a supply list can be created; an idea of how many people will be attending is helpful. Once a head count is determined, a theme can be debated. So with an idea of how many people will be there and what kind of party it’s going to be. A list will need to be created. Of course top on the list will be food and drinks, but don’t forget a place to serve them.Not everyone has a large supply of tents, tables, or chairs laying around for a large party on the beach. But not to worry, you can rent a tent, with tables and chairs from a party supply rental like the one in the New York Metro area. With the seating taken care of one can concentrate more on the decorations.

Providing a tent to cover the food and seating, guests will have shade to cool under if the party is during the day. Don’t forget the music, and an area for dancing. Tiki torches can be placed around the party to provide lighting if the party should lead into the night. Activities can add entertainment to any affair; no beach party would be complete without a volleyball net. Last but not least have fun.

Head over to to get the ball rolling!


Birthdays are More Fun with Inflatables

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All Affairs is a party and event business based out of New York City with service to all of the surrounding  New York metro area. We have been providing our professional services for over thirty years and specialize in supplying chairs, tents, flatware, and more for personal as well as corporate events.

All Affairs provides all of the details needed to complete your special occasion and then some. Make your child’s birthday party the best around with our popcorn and cotton candy machines.


Popcorn Machine


Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine

Adding to their special day, All Affairs is excited to offer inflatable bounce houses. Imagine your child’s delight upon seeing a huge inflatable castle in the backyard, just for him!


Inflatable Castle

Our gigantic castle bouncer is 170 square feet and stands 18 feet long, 15 feet wide, and 17 feet tall. The inflatable is rented for a minimum of three hours but can be kept longer at an additional price per hour. One of our reliable and trustworthy employees will accompany the inflatable to ensure it is set up properly and will monitor it throughout the party. Kids can bounce around, climb, slide, and even play basketball inside or outside of the castle. This inflatable will provide hours of fun and entertainment for kids of all ages and will not require the set-up, planning, and clean-up that other birthday party activities demand. Our rental price for this large 5 in 1 bouncer cannot be beat by our competitors. Let All Affairs help create a memorable birthday party for your children and their friends.


Wedding Day Perfection

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Have you always envisioned your big day taking place outdoors amidst a beautifully landscaped backdrop? Jasmine’s scent filling the air and the sun glimmering as you descend down the aisle? If so, you need to locate a great rental company to supply a tent to safeguard that dream. Using a tent not only allows you to shield your guests when Mother Nature decides to crash the celebration with tears of joy, but to protect them from becoming sun toasted instead of toasting you! Additionally, a tent allows you to create a romantic, intimate setting in which your guests can enjoy an elegant affair.

All Affairs.Com are the purveyors of every type of equipment needed to enhance your event, including wedding tents and canopies. Their beautiful, pristine tents can accommodate multiple guests and be equipped with a dance floor so that all attending can dance the night away. Their tents are sturdy and durable, perfect for thwarting those unplanned weather glitches. There’s nothing like a soggy, muddy bride to put a damper on the festivities. With All Affairs.Com on the job, the only H2O flowing will be your tears of joy! Your tent comes equipped with a proficient staff that will assemble and maintain your structure. These professionals offer skill and expertise as part of your cost-effective package.

All Affairs.Com offers a full selection of tables that comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests. They even have kiddie-sized tables. Additionally, they offer diverse styled comfy chairs to further heighten your wedding day experience. With over 60 colors to select from they’ll also supply your table linens, as well as china, glassware, flatware, and more. All Affairs.Com stands above the crowd when it comes to providing everything needed to create your perfect day!


“I never wanted to be a bridezilla”

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I never wanted to be a bridezilla but I did have certain things I was wanting that were not negotiable. All affairs understood that. They have such a variety of things for me to choose from, that I ended up changing my original idea to something they suggested. The customer service that they have as well is top notch. They were available whenever I needed them. That was really nice when I had a random thought in the night or a question that could just not wait.

I used the big tents for our outside wedding which also went well with their table and chairs that they have. The China and glassware also made the evening even more elegant, which was my theme. My husband had always wanted an open bar so we went for the additonal bar and barstools and it was a complete success. We knew that there were going to be a lot of children outside so the inflatable bouncy hall worked perfect for all the kids.

I would highly recommend this place to do your wedding or event of your life. It will be a night to remember and they have so much to choose from. That was the nice part, knowing that they could meet my needs without breaking my bank. If I ever get married again, which I highly hope not, I would choose this place again in a heart beat! They also had great ideas to for the office if you are looking for a cool and different get together.



“Do you have a Carnival supplies too?”

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We received a phone call this week asking, “Do you have a Carnival supplies too?” Why, we wouldn’t be “All” Affairs if we didn’t!

We sent them directly to our Carnival page where they spent minutes choosing what they were interested in and let’s just say – “We’re happy they chose heaters too!”

Stay warm and have fun, North East!