Reserve your Holiday party rentals now for special discounts…

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It’s that time of year again. The time of year that families and friends get together to celebrate the holidays.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get what you need for your holiday party.

We have everything you need from A-Z to make your holiday party a huge success.

Visit us online at  to get a free quote on everything you need like Chairs  and Tables

and everything in between  Questions ? We are happy to help. Call us today at 718-234-4300



Here are some Fall Party Tips…

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Are you planning a special event in October or November ? Here are some tips to keep in in the fall spirit.

In case you are making the party outdoors you want to consider putting something on the ground like a grass matt so people do not end up stepping in mud. Also on those chilly nights we recommend that you buy or rent a heater.

Whether you have the party indoors or outdoors you can use tablecloths and Linens  that have the colors of fall.

We have everything you would need to make it a festive one including your China, Flatware and everything else from A-Z

You can visit us online today at and get a free quote 24/7



Here are some great end of summer party ideas…

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Labor Day is this weekend and what better tradition is there than firing up the grill. The summer is coming to an end and why not get in one last barbecue bash ?


Another great idea for a end of summer party is to host a carnival.


You can be sure that whatever party you will be hosting that we have what you need at Go online to get a free quote today.


Here are some ways to add a extra spark to your party…

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Maybe you are making a wedding or a really upscale event. That doesn’t mean it has to have only expensive wine and really expensive steaks.

Add a little flavor to your party. Here are some items that will really make things more lively and put a smile on the faces of your guests:

1. a cotton candy machine- the color and sweetness can really put people in a good mood and bring out your guests playfulness.

2. balloons- They make a good centerpiece and make your tables more lively.

3. Couches- It creates a place were people can relax and be comfortable.

4. a Punchbowl or a champagne fountain- It is similar to a water fountain at a office. It creates a place were people can socialize.

These are just some of the ways you can give your party that extra spark. Visit us online at for a free quote on everything you would need for your party from A-Z


Add a personal touch to your party with our Imprinted Ribbons and Napkins

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Are you planning a party and want to add a personal touch to bring out the theme of your event? Let us provide you with imprinted napkins and ribbons that will match your party’s color scheme.




We can add a text with the name and date for weddings, birthdays or special events or a phrase that can be printed continuously.

We have over 30 colors (matte, shiny and satin finishes) used to imprint on your ribbon to match your event’s colors.

You can get a free quote 24/7  on these items and everything else for your event from A-Z online at




Tents and Canopies- The solution for your hot summer outdoor events …

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Hosting a party outdoors in the summer ? If you are your main concern is probably the weather. Sitting outside in the sun on a hot day can put a damper on any event.

We have the solution though. We have a huge selection of tents and canopies in all sizes that are perfect for any event. You can rest easy that your guests will be comfortable while being protected from the harmful uv rays.

You can also get a quote on a Air Cool Unit to make it even more comfortable.




Visit us online at to get a free quote 24/7 Questions ? We are happy to help. Please call us at 718-234-4300 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you


We have what you need to make your outdoor party a huge success….

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Who says that a outdoor party can not be as elegant as having your event at a five star hotel ? We have just what you need to make your outdoor party a very elegant one.

Start off with our tents and decorate it with the perfect lighting. We have a huge selection of glassware and flatware that will make your tables look amazing.

Too cold outdoors? We have heaters for every set up that will keep all your guests feel very  comfortable. Get a quote 24/7 online at or by calling us toll free at (800) 443-4770


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